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how  tune drums

Drum kit setup

Adjustment of the snare drum of the kick drum

Plastic Tension  into key

Building resonator heads

Tuning Drums Tutorial Video Lesson All the Secrets of Tuning a Drum Kit Working Viola Kick


Drum Tuning Lesson. one of the most important lessons, because how you will sound will depend on the setting, and if the drums are not tuned, then no matter how well you play, everything will be empty. Watch this video tutorial on drum kit tuning, and you will notice that drums are not only a percussion instrument, but also very melodic if you use musical note intervals in tuning.


Hello everyone who watches my channel, and the topic of today's video is drum tuning. Tomorrow I have a recording planned, and today I decided to change the heads, on the first, second, and third violas in order to have a better sound. The plastics are already planted, that is, they were in use, so it will be much easier to set up. To begin with, we will remove the plastic from the first viola, and put a new one. We knock out the dust from the viola that has accumulated there. put a new plastic, tighten the bolts (the screws will be more correct). What needs to be done in order for our drum to sound.? You need to tighten the bolts with your fingers until the bolt heads just touch the rim. This will give a uniform tension, there will be no distortions, and the plastic will sit evenly in the future. Next, we adjust the bolts according to this scheme. We take the first bolt, and twist it in a turn, then the same bolt in the opposite direction, then we twist the second bolt going clockwise, and again the bolt in the opposite direction, and so on. I recommend pulling the plastic harder at the beginning so that it sits better. After we have tightened the bolts, we proceed to the setup. We didn't change the bottom head, so we can adjust the top head to match the bottom head. At the first stage, it is important that the upper plastic is tuned in the same tone, for this we knock on the lower plastic and listen to what key it is tuned in. We release the bolts that are overtightened. When the tuning is already approaching the desired key, it starts to sing, resonate. And so the tuning is completed. Next, we set up a working drum. We build a working drum according to the same system only in the interval between the upper and lower plastics. We set up the barrel using the same technology. The main thing is that there should also be a certain interval between the reels. select the interval based on the style of your music. subscribe to the channel, press likes, write comments, wait for new lessons.

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