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       The experience of the game is 25 years.
       Teaching experience of 20 years.
       I play in various styles from jazz to metal.


1. The head of the drum school of the studio for a long time worked in a jazz orchestra, circus, studio, in various rock, jazz, and funk groups, extensive experience in concert and club work.

2. Repeatedly recognized as the best drummer of various festivals, as well as the best drummer of Mr. Togliatti.

3. He toured a lot in our vast country, as well as abroad. (Moscow, Samara, Tolyatti, Otradny, Cherkasy, Tiraspol, Chisinau, Kogalym, Seattle, Bellevue, Portland, Spokane, Sacramento, Denver, Chicago, etc.)

The largest tour was in the largest cities of America with the Open Skies group, which lasted half a year.

4. He played in such groups as Reform, Formula 10-20, BN, Harley woke up, Bereshi, with the famous chansonnier Garrick Karapetyan. For a long time he worked as a session concert drummer in the Open Sky group, as well as in the RCI-records studio.

5. Participant in the Autograd festivals, as well as the Russian Field, Bridges of Love (Sacramento USA), Bethlehem Star (Moscow Youth Palace).

6. A member of the jury of the Russian Field festival, as well as a competition for drummers (Muztorg musical instrument store).

7. Played on the same stage with the bands Night Snipers, Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep).

8. I had a chance to play live with such famous musicians as Mikhail Davydov (keyboard player, thin hands Larisa Dolina), Vlad Pozdeev (keyboard player Igor Sarukhanov), Alexei Antonov guitarist of the band "Lovely bull", Stas Aryants bass guitar (Soso Pavliashvili, Irina Ponarovskaya) , Arnold Iass keys (Laima Vaikule). Lesha Kozhanov (bass guitarist of the band Mill). For a long time he worked with former members of VIA “Volgari” Alexander Anastasiev clav, Yuri Adamovich (bass guitar), worked under the direction of conductor Valery Murzov (jazz orchestra) and so on.

9. For 3 seasons he worked as a drummer in circus programs of the Moscow Circus, with such artists as Askold. and edward

Zapashny (attraction tigers), Mikhail Baghdasarov (attraction tigers), and others.

Studio D Drums

Concert tour of America.

Seattle,Bellevue,Portland,Spokane,    Sacramento,Denver,Chicago

Audio recordings featuring D Orujov

Studio and demo

Два клика - БН-барабаны Д. Оруджов
00:00 / 00:00
Funky people - 75Штат
00:00 / 00:00
Только с тобой - 75Штат-барабаны Д.Оруджов
00:00 / 00:00
Дай мне - 75Штат-барабаны Д.Оруджов
00:00 / 00:00
Пацифист -демо - Харли проснулся барабаны Д.Оруджов
00:00 / 00:00
Песни о любви - Бн
00:00 / 00:00

Live from concerts

Тупой - Бн
00:00 / 00:00
Да и нет - Береши
00:00 / 00:00
Не буди меня - Береши
00:00 / 00:00
Игра - Береши
00:00 / 00:00
Время вода - Береши
00:00 / 00:00

Recording in the studio Gigant Record Moscow

Concert at the rock club Ataka

Video from Lessons Lecturer Dmitry Orujov

Comments VK

What I can say for sure is that when I

was still a beginner pioneer and rehearsed

in all factory departments on his nameless

, painted floor paint basu samopale, name

Johansson (Dima Orujov) was already breathing,

and in a whisper: "Yes, you chooooo !!! Yes it is finally!"

Yes, he’s a drummer from God !!! "Yes, and actually

while we sculpted something author-slurred there, and

only mastered the wisdom of joint music-making, Dimka Orujova

already with might and main pulled on some serious work burnt uncle-cocks,

which you and Murka, and Shizgar, and the Ladder to Heaven could go to heaven.

Later, when we already crossed at Autograd in different compositions,

I watched the performance of the same "Reform" only because of the rhythm section! For sounded

they are more powerful and more confident than all the locals!) Oh, and what kind of hair Diman has is gorgeous

was, straight Def Leppard some!))
Well, after a few more years, when already our “BN” made a name for itself

time to play together, because here we were already dudes on an equal footing!;) And we did a lot

good songs! And we played concerts, and went to pee in Moscow .. Best

there were times, let alone say .. Rock-n-roll-carefree ..
So guys and girls, what can I say ... Don’t go to those who teach you

bad, but go to Diman, because he will not teach you anything except good!

For such simple, open and responsive people I have met in a lifetime -

fingers of one hand is enough! And this is for the teacher - very important qualities, I say, because I gave several years of my life to classes with students. And here it’s not even the baggage of knowledge that matters (and it was then that Dimka never had any flaws), but the ability to approach each individual individually in order to quickly direct everything in the right direction and achieve maximum progress in a short time!
In general, I wish you, Dima, talented and complaisant students, and those who come to you will take the training on drums very seriously, because a teacher like Dmitry Orudzhov simply does not deserve others!

Peace to all!

                                                    Alexey Kozhanov, bass

                             Agnus Dei, Popper, BN, Fashion Things, RIO (Around the bomb), Bereshi (Tolyatti),
Dogs Kachalova, NetSlov, Kit Bay, Anna Pingina's group, Mill (Moscow)

What do the musicians say?

Alexey Kozhanov

Group "Mill" (Moscow)

Read an interview with the Togliatti journalist, music critic Alexei Orlin and the founder of the Drum School DDrums Dmitry Orudzhov, on the PROCOS Internet music portal. It will be about our Music Studio, about students, and groups that have gone through our drum school.

AUTHOR: P|ROCK|OS - 28.09.2012

"DiOr" from the drummer

“Angus”, “Turbo Lax”, “Frau Mai”, “Collection Point” - all these groups, completely different in their focus, style and approaches, have one thing in common: each of them played, or played by students of Dmitry Orujov. One of the most skilled Togliatti drummers, known for his participation in projects such as Reform, BN, Bereshi and a number of others, has been training personnel for a rock venue for 20 years. At the same time, it is even difficult to answer the question of how many total students he had. The same can be said about the number of groups in which the "chicks of the Orudzh nest" showed themselves.

Being capable by potential, technical equipment, manner of sound production to play in any, the most advanced Russian team, Dima preferred what was always drawn to - classes with students. And this became the main business of his life. Having equipped the studio in one of the garage complexes, Orudzhov gradually and consistently brought it to mind, creating all possible conditions for high-quality work with drummers. Moreover, according to Dima, it does not really matter with what skill set a person came to him, the main thing is that there is a desire to master the installation. Of course, no one is trying to put technology to a person if he doesn’t need it, but if the musician trusts Dmitry and is ready to listen, then his own concept worked out by Orudzhov is included in the case. The main thing in it is to teach the visitor not to drum, but to play music.

Jokingly calling his studio “Di Or”, which in the “translation” means only Dmitry Orudzhov, its creator is now mastering new directions for himself. So, realizing that life does not stand still, having mastered the appropriate computer programs, Orudzhov began recording live drums, being sure that not a single sample could replace their sound. Moreover, he began to practice recordings of live teams, cautiously calling the resulting “demo”, for he was aware that he did not have the conditions that are possible in voluminous and sophisticated studios. However, those tracks that PROCKOS experts were able to hear, at least today deserve attention.

Completely immersed in studio-drum affairs, Orudzhov today rejects all offers from those wishing to “fit” him into a particular project, does not appear at concerts and in clubs. And maybe, until something just happened that would take Dima seriously and make him, if only temporarily, “come to the surface”? The Togliatti site would definitely benefit from this.

Музыкальный Тольяттинский интернет портал рок музыки. Статья о студии DDrums Дмитрия Оруджова, обучении игре на ударнике, барабанная музыкальная школа TLT ученики, и воспитаники класса ударных

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