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Условия правила поведения студия Музыкальная школа предупреждение TLT администрация ударная установка группа музыканты аппаратура пение игра на барабанах настройки микрофон гитара бас приборы оборудование Тольятти стоимость цена

Cancellation conditions  classes and rehearsals

 All classes, whether drum lessons or rehearsals, are held according to the schedule, so if you are late, then no one is obliged to add time to you (After you there may be more classes). Attention !!! The person who conducts the lessons or rehearsals works just like you, and if you are late, or simply did not come to class, you must pay 100% of the cost  lessons. If, for some reason, you did not pay for the missed classes, then the group or student is blacklisted, and in the future classes are held only on an advance payment basis. 

  Cancellations or reschedules must be made two days prior to class 48 hours in order to be able to  change the schedule. In this case, you will not pay the penalty.  You should not call two hours before class and explain that you have an exam, a wedding, your parents took you to the dacha, I swelled, and so on. 

If you book rehearsal time at the studio, then you agree to these terms.

If you forgot about the class and did not come, then this is your problem, not the problem of the studio.

The only circumstance that can cancel the untimely cancellation of classes is illness.

Who will not be honest, and will deceive that he is ill, that paradidle will not work :)

If for some reason  due to force majeure, the teacher or the studio manager did not come at the appointed time and did not warn  (student - musician), then the classes are postponed to another day  weeks, plus we do one extra class free of charge as a penalty for skipping.

The administration has the right to change the schedule (transferring or canceling lessons, rehearsals), notifying  musician students  10 hours before class. 

If the above rules and conditions are not followed, the Administration has the right to cancel all scheduled classes without warning,  to take time with another student - a musical group - recording, etc.

Rules for staying at the studio of musicians of students and parents

                                  On the  rehearsal base   FORBIDDEN!!!


  • one.  Smoking indoors, except for a designated area.

  • 2.  To be in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, as well as to bring with you and consume alcoholic beverages, narcotic substances.

  • 3.  To arbitrarily adjust the equipment, adjust, and change the settings of the devices.

  • 4.  Be in the rehearsal room without a change of shoes.

  • 5.  Damage property and base equipment. Report all malfunctions to the administration of the rehearsal studio immediately. Musicians who damage any equipment pay its market value and become its owners.

  • 6.  Use non-standard  vocabulary in public spaces.


                             coming on  rehearsal base   the visitor is obliged


  • 1. Change into clean, changeable shoes.  Walking in socks for the personal hygiene of visitors is strictly prohibited.

  • 2. Close the front door with a lock (if someone left the group members). Do not leave the front door open (in order to avoid the entry of unauthorized persons).

    • a.  The drummer is obliged to check the drum kit for defects before rehearsal, and if any, inform the manager.

    • b.  After the rehearsal, "hand over" the installation to the manager (for the absence of defects).

    • in.  If the conditions are not met, all excuses for damaged property will not be accepted, and you will be required to pay the market value of the equipment.


  • 3. Take good care of the apparatus and equipment.

  • 4. Close the doors of the rehearsal room tightly, and do not play with the doors open.

  • 5. After yourself on rap  keep the base clean and tidy.

  • 6. Warn the rap administration  base to cancel the rehearsal (lesson) at least two days in advance. In case of non-attendance at the rehearsal (lesson), or untimely cancellation, the client is obliged to pay 100% of the cost of the rehearsal. The only circumstance of untimely  rescheduling can only be a disease.  Registration for rehearsal time, and cancellation of rehearsals (lessons)  be made only by contact phone, directly at the call. In case of non-compliance with the conditions, the group or student will be blacklisted, and the arrival of the group or student at the rep base is impossible until the debts are paid off.


                                       Administration responsibility


  •   For left or forgotten things, the administration of the rap  not responsible base.

  • Left or forgotten things not claimed by the user within one month, the administration of the  disposes of bases.


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