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Drums | Drum Course For Beginner Drummers | Drum Lessons Step By Step

  This is an introductory demo video  part of the author's video school of Dmitry Orudzhov  "Drums step by step" made in the form of separate video courses (with built-in  in the video with notes). 

Courses  go to  order of complexity from simple to complex, as well as when teaching students in individual classes.

Parts of the introductory course in the full version

1.Elements of a drum kit
2. Techniques of playing and sound production on a drum set
3. Posture of hands and types of grips
4.Balance sticks
5. Singles and twos with different grips
6. Landing
7. Playing with the foot on the bass drum
8. Arrangement of drum kit elements
9.Bonus Reel Setting

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Drum lessons (Lesson #1) The most important information about drumming - Drum lessons

This is the first lesson. The most important information that a beginner drummer should know. Basic knowledge. In this lesson, I will tell you the names of all the drums of a drum kit, show you how to hold the sticks correctly, how to properly extract the sound, at what point on the head to hit in order to achieve the desired sound in a certain style of music, and first show a couple of tricks for playing drums. In the following lessons, we will analyze in more detail the rhythms with which all students of our school begin to play.

Beginner Drummer Lesson #1 | Rome Click Sound Production Landing | Remote  Skype  Education Moscow - TLT  

Hello everyone, my name is Dmitry Orudzhov, I'm a teacher at the online drumming school DDrums. In today's lesson The first most important lesson for aspiring drummer Katerina from Moscow. Let me remind you that I am at the DDrums studio in Togliatti. This introductory lesson is all about  landing, how to hold the sticks correctly, how to play rim click, flam, rim shot, and much more, without which it is impossible to learn how to drum well.


Beginner Drummer Lesson #2 | Twos Singles Balance | Skype Training Moscow - TLT


This lesson is all about singles, doubles, stick balance, practicing twos on the pad, exercises with twos for strength and speed, sound extraction when playing fractions, French grip when playing twos, etc. 

Drum lessons - Rhythms Collection (part #1) Rock Pop Beat Drum lessons (lesson #1) drum method

So this is the first lesson on rhythms. Pop Rock Beat rhythms are what you need to learn at the very beginning of your drumming path. Rhythms are played in fast and slow tempo, also given  notes for better viewing. So you can easily deal with the initial training course consisting of 12 rhythmic patterns. Some rhythms are the main beats in popular songs of rock and pop groups.

Drum Lesson For Beginners | Rainbow Can let You Go (Hard Rock) Drum lesson Drum Part


The next stage of development is to play the learned rhythms to the music. To do this, we took one of the Rainbow songs - Cant let you go. The song uses the rhythm you learned in the previous lesson called the pop beat. A couple more breaks and we're off to a good start.

Drum lessons - Beat groove 16th note - Drum lessons - beat groove 16th note - youtube


The next lesson is about playing rhythms with sixteenth notes on the hi-hat, and a few more bonuses.

In this Video lesson for beginners on the You tube channel, we will study drums, no, more precisely, not drums, but how to beat a drum, but no, not a drum, but  how to beat a hi hat with 16 notes using simple beat drum rhythms.
Playing 16 notes of beat rhythms is just the beginning of mastering the drum kit. In the following video drum lessons, I will show you how to complicate the rhythm by adding weak beats and syncopations. Learn to play fast breaks and drum fills. Funky grooves. Rhythms on a drum kit in the style of Rock, Jazz Fusion, etc. How to play different styles of music. How to learn to feel the time, groove, rhythm, drum dynamics. Play in style and stay in style (which is very important). Sound production and sound, and much more with regard to the drum technique of playing. Playing the drums is a daily systematic exercise and practice. You need to try every day to devote at least an hour to practicing rhythms, deuces, rudiments. Play paradidles, single shots, and don't forget about kicking. And so if you are a beginner drummer, then these video lessons on playing the drummer are for you. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and watch drum training materials for free.

Drum Lessons - Flam Breaks Two Triplets - (English language) Students - Drum lessons


In this lesson on the drum kit, we analyze many useful playing techniques. Double punches (deuces on drums), Drum fill with flam, triplets, etc. The video was taken from a real drum lesson at the Ddrums School in Togliatti.
  In this lesson: Flams, two-bar breaks, deuces, triplet configurations through the kick.

Drum lessons - Bossa nova - (Russian language) Russian Students - Drum lessons


Everyone wants to play bossa nova :) , of course, you don’t immediately understand what and how, but then you start to understand that this is a very cool Latin American style of music. Let's break down each piece step by step. Watch, learn and  you can get it too. AT  In this lesson, you can seriously learn how to play one of the Latin Bosa Nova rhythms.

Drum Lessons - System of a Down - Slipknot - Led Zeppelin - The killers - Halen - Lesson


Lesson consolidation of knowledge with a student Nikita. We go through all the learned rhythms, and even small fragments from the songs of famous bands Slipknot, System of a down. Video in Russian.

Drumming lesson  consolidation of knowledge. In the lesson, rhythms are Pop, rock, pop-rock, System of a Down, Led Zeppelin, The killers, blues, hard rock, Van Halen rhythm :), and of course Slipknot (where without them). Youth idols: )).
Subscribe to my channel and stay up to date. Further more, more difficult and more interesting

Drum lessons - Jazz Swing Be bop #1 Big band drumming - Drum lessons (Russian drummer)

Jazz lesson. Swing, swing, swing. In this drum lesson, where swing bebop exercises begin. How to play the ride cymbal correctly. How to achieve swing pulsation.

Jazz Swing. This is the first  lesson for beginner jazz drummers.Basic knowledge for playing Swing. The main rhythmic pattern is set by the ride cymbal, and the hi-hat with the foot  2 and 4 shares. The snare drum plays various accents.
The video was taken from a real drum lesson at the Ddrums School in Togliatti.

Drums - How to Learn to Play Recorded Drums Well - Drumset Lessons


Practice on playing the drum kit. We figure out how to play the drums under the drum minus, and under the recording. Sense of time while playing. how  stay right on the beat.

  In this video drumming lesson, using pop music as an example (Two songs by Evgeny Osin), we will pay attention to the nuances that will lead students to more professional drumming. Dynamic race coordination of the hat and kick. Pulsation, and a sense of time, drive, playing with a pull (in the pocket) - all this needs to be known to a novice drummer in order to learn how to freely master the technique of playing the drum kit. The ability to play relaxed, without unnecessary tension gives a more natural sound, and gives the music a unique energy, sounds free and easily fills the listener with a sense of drive and swing.

Drums - Cardan Lessons  For Beginner Drummers Double Kick Pedal Beginner Drum Lesson

Lesson for a beginner metalworker. In this video, the lesson is the very basics of how to start playing on two barrels, a little bit of hard n heavy metal, metal bark for beginners.

In this video tutorial on how to play the drum kit, you will see some drum pedal rhythms for beginner drummers. The gimbal drum pedal is now an alternative to playing two kick drums (two bass drums).
The first beat is familiar to many Slipknot fans. This is followed by exercises for rhythmic independence gradually complicating the continuous flow of 16 notes.

Learn to Play Drum Solo in 5 Minutes | Lesson for beginners | Concert Solo Drum lesson


In this master class lesson on a drum kit, we will talk about how to learn how to play a drum solo with a basic knowledge of drumming, as well as how to get an audience at a concert even if you do not have much experience and performance experience.
To do this, we will take a simple rock beat, and the introductory break of the Boni-M group, then we will talk about all sorts of tricks in using the solo on drums. An example of the idea of triplet solo inserts using handclaps to rock the audience during a concert solo on drums.

Jazz Waltz On Drums - Educational Lesson Dedicated to the Great Victory Day 9 May | Jazz Waltz 3/4


In this drum lesson, I, and my student Nikita, will analyze drumming in the styles of Traditional Waltz, and Jazz Waltz.
The traditional rhythm is usually played in brass bands, and we will try to play it in the context of the Song of the Great Patriotic War
  Fire is beating in a cramped stove,
Resin on the logs, like a tear.
And the accordion sings to me in the dugout
About your smile and eyes.
The beginning of the lesson is scheduled on May 9
Next, I will talk about the technique of playing drums in the style of Jazz Waltz, I will show various combinations, and in order to give the student a little rest, I will play a small improvisation on the theme of Spider-Man :), I will also mention Chants
  Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and Andrey Mironov.
Behind the seeming simplicity are hidden not quite simple coordination exercises.
Whoever wants to study drums in more depth and consistently, can sign up for individual training live in the city of Tolyatti, and via Skype anywhere in the world. All the world subscribe to the channel, and wait for new lessons.

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