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  • African Drumming

  • Akira Jimbo - Independence


  • Aquiles Priester - Inside my Drums (2004)

  • Benny Greb - The Language of Drumming RUS (Part 1, Russian translation)

  • Benny Greb - The Language of Drumming RUS (Part 2, Russian translation)

  • Billy Ward - Voices in My Head - Extras

  • Bobby Jarzombek - Performance And Technique

  • BUDDY RICH часть 2

  • Carmine Appice - Ultimate Realistic Rock - Part1

  • Carmine Appice - Ultimate Realistic Rock - Part2

  • Castronova1

  • Castronova2

  • Chad Smith - Red Hot Rhythm Meth

  • Dave Weckl - Back To Basics

  • Dave Weckl - The Next Step

  • Dennis Chambers - In The Pocket (Scofield, Beard, Grainger)

  • Dennis Chambers - Serious Moves

  • David Garibaldi - Breaking the Code

  • David Garibaldi Tower of Groove parte 1

  • David Garibaldi Tower of Groove parte 2

  • Drum Tips - Double Bass Drumming

  • Ed Thigpen - The Essence Of Brushes (Technique of playing the brushes on the snare drum)

  • Flo Mounier - Extreme Metall Drumming (DVD 1)

  • Funkifying the Clave - Afro Cuban Grooves For Bass And Drums

  • Gary Chaffee - A Lesson with

  • Gary Chaffee - Sticking Time, Linear Time, Rhythm And Meter

  • Gavin Harrison - Rhyhtmic Visions

  • Ginger Baker - Master Drum Technique 

  • George Kollias - Intense Metal Drumming 

  • George Kollias - Intense Metal Drumming II DVD2

  • Gregg Bissonette - Musical Drumming in Different Styles - vol. 2

  • Gregg Bissonette - Private Lesson (с русским переводом)

  • Jack Dejohnette - Musical expression on the drum set(1)

  • Jack Dejohnette - Musical expression on the drum set(2)

  • Jack Bennet - Polyrhythms

  • Jeff Porcaro - drum lessons

  • Jim Chapin - Speed, Power, Control

  • Jimmy DeGrasso

  • Joe Franco - Double bass drumming (с переводом)

  • Joe Morello - DRUM METHOD 1 The Natural Approach to Technique

  • Joe Morello_ Drum Method 2 - Around the Kit

  • John Blackwell - groove, technique & showmanship

  • Jojo Mayer - Secret weapon for the modern drummer (Part 1) Russian translation

  • Jojo Mayer - Secret weapon for the modern drummer (Part 2) Russian translation

  • Jojo Mayer - Secret weapon for the modern drummer (Part 3) Russian translation

  • Kenny Aronoff - Power Work Out 2

  • Lincoln Goines and Robby Ameen - Funkifying the Clave

  • Marco Minnemann - Extreme Drumming

  • Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) - Liquid Drum Theater (DVD-1)

  • Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) - Liquid Drum Theater (DVD-2)

  • Neil Peart - Anatomy Of A Drum Solo

  • Nicko McBrain - Rhythms Of The Beast


  • Peter Erskine - Playing Brushes With All Styles Of Music (FULL DRUM LESSON)

  • Peter Erskine - The Erskine Method for Drumset

  • Ray Luzier - Double bass drum

  • Rick Latham - Advanced Funk Studies

  • Rick Lathtam - Contemporary Drumset Techniques

  • Simon Phillips - Drum Lesson

  • Soul Of The Funky Drummers - Clyde Subblefields and John jab'o Starks(DVDrip) by

  • Steve Gadd

  • Steve Smith - Drumset Technique - part 1

  • Steve Smith Vital Information quartet

  • Terry Bozzio - Solo Drums

  • Terry Bozzio in Concert part1

  • Terry Bozzio in Concert part2

  • The history of songo Changuito

  • Thomas Lang - Creative Control part 1

  • Thomas Lang - Creative Control part 2

  • Thomas Lang - Creative Coordination

  • Buddy Rich best drummer

  • Johnny Rabb Workshop May 2009 Moscow Johnny Rabb Master-class Moscow May of

  • Master Class Max Klotz in Syncope

  • Master class JoJo Mayer in Moscow

  • Master Class  Lenny White

Drums video lessons
Dmitry Orujov

Video courses of drumming, these are accessible and understandable mini lessons for playing the drum kit

You can choose the part you are interested in, pay, and download courses for beginner drummers, or for advanced drummers to your computer.

There are also subsections on technique, tuning drums, drum fills and grooves

In the video school, we analyze the best rhythms and fills that are included in the training program for students of the drum school DDrums.

Classes go on in sequential complication, be it rhythms or fills.

List of Video Tutorials of the Best Drummers of the World

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