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Ddrums - Togliatti School of Music Drummers. Private Academy of Percussion Art.

All training programs do not have age-specific lessons for children and adults.

It doesn’t matter whether you come from scratch, or with some skills.

You can start learning from the basics, as well as from a more advanced professional level.

The program is selected individually, based on the existing skills of the student.

Individual lessons on the drum kit.

Convenient time for classes, lesson schedule.


 Professional training course 

Professional course (basic) - these are drums lessons, drums training at a professional level. After such training, you can play in a group, play songs of your favorite groups, and even if you want to work as a drummer. This course is with the study of all the intricacies of drumming.

Vocational training is optional.

This is a professional individual program "exclusive"
(Analysis of rhythms, fills, songs at your discretion)

  • And a professional general program

  • (Sequential training in DDrums methodology step by step)

  • Proper fit, arms, legs

  • Acquaintance with a drum kit, studying the duration of notes

  • Studying rhythms, fills, ghost notes

  • Dynamics and sound production, accents and syncopy

  • double stroke roll, paradiddles, and their use on a drum kit

  • Playing in various styles of music (from jazz to metal), as well as the use of double.

  • Analysis of drum parts of various groups

  • Work with the metronome

  • Play Drum Minus

  • Pocket Play

  • Latin American rhythms

  • Swing

  • Soloing and so on

PS. An individually designed program is also possible at will.

For advanced drummers, there is a course to enhance individual mastery.

Amateur course


An amateur course is lightweight drums, where most of the time is devoted to working out the material (the teacher explains the material for 15 minutes, then the student works out independently, and consolidates the lesson.

The cost of amateur classes is cheaper, respectively, they do not have some bonuses as a professional course.


                                  ADVANTAGES OF AMATEUR LESSONS

  • Low cost

  • A highly qualified professional teacher is working with you.

  • Studying rhythms, breaks from a special program of elementary education (classes only according to the program)


                                 DISADVANTAGES OF AMATEUR CLASSES

  • The teacher does not control your game for the remaining lesson time of 45 minutes, you must learn everything and ask questions of interest during the analysis of the games.

  • There is no way to disassemble, shoot drum parts of your compositions, or disassemble songs of your favorite groups.

  • Less time is spent on subtleties, and the nuances of the game.


PS. An amateur course for those who just want to knock on the drums in their free time. Do not think that playing the drummer as an amateur, you can play really well. Sooner or later, you will have to think about switching to a full professional course, because knocking and playing drums are two different things, and then you will have to revise what you have already learned again. Disassemble the subtleties and nuances.

If you want to play immediately well, then do not waste time, and sign up for a professional course. You don’t have money for professional lessons, then sign up for an amateur course and feel like a drummer. The lessons will not be in vain for you. This is confirmed by the results of more than 1000 pupils of the drum school D drums of Togliatti, students of Dmitry Orudzhov who perform at the concert venues of the city, and the Country.

Choose what you need, call, and sign up for lessons now. Do not waste time in the empty.

Cost of education

Professional course

  • Skype lessons  1 hour  =  30 $

  • Lessons at the Studio 1 hour  =  30 $

Amateur course

  • Lessons at the Studio 1 hour  =  30 $ 

Our recommendations

Class duration

There are one-hour, and two-hour lessons. As a rule, one-hour lessons are taken for children under 12 years old, since two hours for a child will be tiring.

From 12 years old and older, it is already better to do two hours. In the first hour, you need to remember what happened in previous lessons (so as not to forget the material you have learned), to warm up well, to train nuances, speed, accuracy of blows, dynamics, etc., and only then to disassemble something new.

Number of lessons

The optimal number of classes is considered twice a week. With such a visit there will be maximum benefit from the lessons, and accordingly, rapid professional growth.

Maintaining shape and the right approach to working out the material

If you have your own rehearsal base with live drums, then you can repeat and work out what you have done in your studio. If you have an electronic drum kit then REMEMBER that training on electronic drums is useful only for repeating learned material, but not for working out the nuances of the playing technique. You need to get the right sound only on live drums, otherwise you can ruin your good sound, and fixing the habit is much harder than learning to play right right away.

Choose your course of study

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