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Video Microphone Layout Tutorial

On Drums For Recording Drum Kit

In the drum room of the music studio  DDRUMS

All the secrets of drum sounding for professional 

Drum Recordings with Dedicated Drum Microphones

Recording Drums  Microphone Arrangement For Studio Recording Drums In Studio  D Drums Togliatti


Drum recording lesson. How to place microphones to achieve professional sounding of your tracks and drum parts. Drum mics, room mics, and overheads. Watch learn to record drums.

  Hello. My name is Dmitry Orudzhov, and in this video I will tell you how to record drums, or rather, how to arrange microphones for recording a drum kit. 

The correct placement of microphone stands is when the stands do not touch parts of the drum kitchen in order to
there was no extraneous noise and interference during impacts.

Next, it is very important where to point the microphone. On each drum, the microphone must look at different points in order to achieve the desired sound. not a big deviation, and the sound will no longer sound as we would like,  therefore the distance to the head, and the tilt is of great importance for the quality recording of the drum kit.

The internal microphone of the kick drum is aimed at the center of the head, but in order to achieve a deeper sound, it is located in the middle of the kick drum (in its upper part). The reflector is tuned so that the microphone picks up a low-frequency kick, but at the same time should not be blocked from the airflow of the barrel exhaust. To do this, we tilted it a little so that the blow of air seemed to slide over the diaphragm of the microphone, and not be locked.

The snare drum is sounded by two microphones. The upper one removes the impact of the stick on the plastic, the lower one removes the sound of the spring. Later on, when mixing, we balance the sound between the top and bottom heads, and achieve a tight snare sound.

Tom toms, and violas  topped up, but some studio engineers sometimes pick up, and bottom head altos for more depth of sound. If you have a sound card and a good stock of microphones, you can safely sound the bottom of the drum heads. Overheads all sound different. Here  a matter of taste move them closer to the drums to have a more concentrated sound, move them apart to expand the stereo panorama  drum sound. I also recommend installing room microphones that capture the acoustics of the entire room, of course, if you have an acoustic finish for the drum room. Every room sounds different, and with these mics you can add natural reverb to your drum mix. 

This is how the drumming works.

List of microphones, microphone cables, and the sound card I'm using.



Snare drum top - SHURE PG56 
Snare drum bottom - SENNHEISER e614
Kick-AKG D112
Sub kick - SHURE PG52
Tom tom-SENNHEISER e604
Floor tom SENNHEISER MD 421-II
Overhead - Oktava
  MK - 012 
small room-
Big Room - Neumann
  Gefell pm 860
Microphone Cable

KLOTZ MC5000             


audio interface preamp
  2pcs - Focusrite saffire pro 10

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