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Drum set training is conducted by Dmitry Orujov


  1. Professional drummer

  2. The author of the teaching methods of the school Ddrums

  3. Head of the music studio

  4. Drum Teacher, percussion teacher

  5. Great teaching experience. Experience 25 years

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Training anywhere in the World

Do you dream of learning to play the drums?

then these courses are for you

At our Video school, we will teach you everything you need.

Beginner Advanced Professional Drummer

  • Proper fit

  • Arranged arms and legs

  • The game of rhythmic patterns, breaks, drum fills

  • Exercises for rhythm, dynamics and coordination

  • Analysis of various techniques and nuances (singles, double, rudiments, paradiddle, flames, accents, syncops, ghost note, rim shot, fraction

  • Phrasing and soloing drums

Drum Video School Drums step by step 

A few words about the teacher

Dmitry Orujov

  • Extensive experience in teaching, touring, concert, club, studio work.

  • Former member of such groups as BN, Formula 10/20, Reform, Garrick Karapetyan, Open Sky Christian group, Alexander Anastasyev's group, Togliatti Circus Jazz Orchestra conducted by Valery Murzov and so on.

  • He worked with such circus artists as Askold and Edgard Zapashny, Mikhail Bagdasarov and so on.

  • He performed at major venues in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Transnistria, America (Moscow, Samara, Tolyatti, Kiev, Chisinau, Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Chicago, etc.).

  • He worked in a jazz orchestra, studio, circus, with musical groups of various styles and directions: rock, funk, jazz, pop, techno, folk, etc.

  • Repeatedly recognized as the best drummer of music festivals (the first prizes of the Autograd festivals), and the best drummer of the city of Togliatti.

  • Member of the jury of the Russian Field rock festival.

  • Member of the jury of the regional competition of drummers of the music store Muztorg

  • More than 1000 students from all over the world took lessons and studied with Dmitry.

  • 90% of all drummers in the city of Tolyatti attended training courses with Dmitry Orudzhov. These include drum teachers from various drum schools in the city of Togliatti.

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Learn To Play Drums At Home

In our Drum School, you can receive training in video courses while studying in any country in the world.

Online lessons anywhere in the World. 

The benefits of our online learning

  1. Classes without leaving your home with a drum kit (electronic or acoustic), pad

  2. Professional classes even if you live in a remote village, small town, other country, or continent.

  3. Classes at any time convenient for you

  4. Not high price by price-quality criteria

  5. Ability to choose the video course you are interested in

  6. The ability to download a video course to your computer

Our students and regions


  • Many drummers from all over the world practice it with us. The criterion for choosing our school is high quality education, low cost of classes. The choice is influenced by the ability to study at home without spending valuable time on the road.

  • Our students are in different parts of the world. The geography of the students of the teacher Dmitry Orudzhov is vast. I will list only a few regions

  • Poland, Belarus, Kazakhstan (Alma-Ata, Balkhash), Ukraine, Canada (Toronto), USA, Germany, Israel (Tel Aviv), etc.

Possible training options


  • You can practice in an apartment building if you have electronic drums, in a private house you can put at least an electronic drum set, at least a live acoustic drum set, as many students take rehearsal time at a repbase, because for a lesson it’s enough to have access to the Internet or any medium to download video schools

  • You can also study on Skype in Russian

Student Alexander from Moscow

Online Drum lesson

Online drum lessons. Drum courses drums step by step for beginners and advanced drummers. Learn how to play drums. Video school tutorials. Drumming rhythms grooves fills and coordination. Rhythmic exercises pattern. Sixteenth notes in the bass drum kit elements. Tuning drums. Online drums DDrums.
Online drum lessons. Drum courses drums step by step for beginners and advanced drummers. Learn how to play drums. Video school tutorials. Drumming rhythms grooves fills and coordination. Rhythmic exercises pattern. Sixteenth notes in the bass drum kit elements. Tuning drums. Online drums DDrums.

Studio drums training

DDrums in Tolyatti Russia

If you live in Tolyatti, Zhigulevsk and nearby settlements, then you can learn to play drums at our DDums studio.

Drum lessons in Tolyatti

The benefits of studying at our studio

  1. Individual lessons with a teacher

  2. Two specially equipped classrooms (Acoustic finish of the drum rooms)

  3. The ability to score time on a constant

  4. Two great sounding acoustic drum kits

  5. Ability to engage in an individual training program (Analysis of drum parts of your favorite bands and songs)

  6. High quality training.

Pupils from Togliatti and the Samara region


  • If you list how many students from Togliatti were engaged in Dmitry Orudzhov not even an hour. Over 30 years of teaching, more than 1000 drummers of various levels have been released. Many work in professional collectives of our city, as well as in other cities of the country.

Additional classes and services


  • For students of the school (and not only) there are also rehearsal rooms in which you can rehearse one for a small fee. This service is called drummer rehearsal.

  • Also in our studio you can record drums or the full soundtrack of a drum cover, or drums for a song or a track, with professional sound.

Studying at a music school

percussion instruments DDrums.

  • Education for adults and children, regardless of age and gender.

  • Classes for both beginner students with no experience in the game (from scratch), and trained advanced drummers, and professional drummers.

  • Effective teaching methods tested on more than 1000 students from all over the world, giving a 100% positive result.

  • Studio with professional acoustic finishes. Two drum rooms with different acoustics.

  • Musical equipment of the best World brands. All the necessary musical equipment for rehearsing lessons of audio recordings, and even video.

How do drum lessons go?

Classes are held in a specially equipped room (drum room) without unauthorized persons.

No one will distract you from building up the acquired skills in the lesson.

Beginner drummers take a compulsory elementary course.

The wishes of students regarding stylistic preferences are also taken into account.

Advanced drummers can immediately come to the lesson with questions on how to analyze the parts of compositions of their musical groups, as well as how to analyze the parts of drums of their favorite drummers (rhythmic configurations, and drum fillings from songs of favorite artists, or analysis of the entire part of a song).

In classes, there are two stages, this is analysis, and the development of material.

All of the above applies, and applies to the "Basic" (Professional training course).

The amateur course has a number of restrictions on a number of parameters.

Ddrums Music Studio Percussion Lessons Rehearsals Recording

Drum room with live acoustics No. 1 studio DDRUMS

Where are drums lessons held?

Drum lessons are held at DDrums Studio in Togliatti, Avtozavodsky District. The studio building is located in the building of GSK Motorist opposite the 10th quarter (not far from the Military School). 5 minutes walk from the nursery stop.

In the specially prepared drum rooms there are high-quality instruments of world brands, such as: Sonor, Tama, Zildjian, Paiste. The drums are always tuned and sound great.

The first room is made with live acoustics, it is more suitable for drummers who love loud powerful sound with a small gate. At the same time, the sound is perfectly readable, the drums sound with an attack.

The second room is also bright, but with a lower volume and reverb. Sound balanced in frequencies. In such a room you can study for a long time, and not get tired of the sound. Well suited for long play, and working out the material.

Not a single Children's Music School in Tolyatti conducts drums lessons. We have everything for training drummers

Drum room with live acoustics No. 2 studio DDRUMS

Class results and quality of training

You can see the results and the quality of teaching at concert venues, at rehearsal facilities, and at recording studios where my teachings play. After all, you can talk for a long time, but it is better to see once. When you come to the drum teacher ask one simple question. Who did you teach? Who studied with you? Name at least one famous drummer from the students who plays at a high professional level. If there is no answer, then you should not trust such a teacher.

Free Video Lessons by Dmitry Orudzhov

Professional Multi-Channel Studio Recording Drums Cover Songs

In our studio you can also do multi-channel recording. Record drum covers for songs of your favorite groups, drum parts for your group, as well as record other instruments: bass guitar, guitar, vocals, keyboards.

The studio also offers recording options for their songs with mixing and mastering.

The rehearsal base for rehearsing musical groups also works for you, on which you can rehearse with your group, or individually.

Mixing consoles, amplifiers, microphone stands, speakers, guitar and bass stacks, drums, cowbell, cymbals, plastics, a universal joint pedal for drums, studio monitors, 2 multi-channel audio cards, a computer for recording with professional music programs, concerts, performances, drum sticks , microphone cords, musical instruments, students, pupils of the music school of the Togliatti drummers DDrums, deuces paradidles, singles, trioli, quarters, eighths, sixteenths, sextoles, quarters, musical notation, students, rock bands and jazz bands, conductors,

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Online Drum School. Online Drum lessons. Online Drum Courses.
Online drum lessons. Drum courses drums step by step for beginners and advanced drummers. Learn how to play drums. Video school tutorials. Drumming rhythms grooves fills and coordination. Rhythmic exercises pattern. Sixteenth notes in the bass drum kit elements. Tuning drums. Online drums DDrums.Online Drum Lessons Courses. Learn To Play Drums. Step By Step Drum School DDrums Video Tutorial